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What does "Truly Custom" mean?

Truly custom means you can pull a camp trailer and your toys with your SUV. Truly custom means you can have a fridge, no fridge, 2 batteries, four batteries, solar charging, a large sink, small sink, 1 bed or two beds. Truly custom means you can have what you want...how you want it.

When you have an Elk Mountain Trailer custom built, you can count on quality and service unmatched. Each trailer is spec'ed out by one of three master builders to meet your needs and design. No sales persons, sales gimmicks, secretary's, or customer service representatives... just you and the guy building your trailer. Not that customer service isn't important, because it is. In fact that is why the Palmers are willing to set down the saw, hang up the welder, and put aside their work to talk to you. From the choice of wood, stain, appliances, fluid and power systems, you will be calling the shots. Of course, the Palmers' 40 years of experience will be there to guide you when you are not sure, but this trailer is yours!

Sound too good to be true? It isn't! A few simple steps and you can have one of the Palmers give you a call to give you an estimate. Get started now on the Build It page.

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